• Exhibition:
    2nd Smart Building Expo
  • Booth No: 3-16


    1. New Products/Technologies
      New Product
    2. Type of industry
      For Housing Manufacturer/Builder
      For Design Office/Architect
      For General Contractor/ Subcontractor
      For Developer/Building Consultant/ Municipality
      For Owner (Building/Factory/ Public Facility)/Management
      For Lighting Designer
      For Distributor/Wholesaler
      For Building Material/ Housing Equipment Manufacturer
    3. Feature T-FREND which autonomously fly inside the office not only strengthens the security of office at night, but also encourages employee to leave the office.
    4. T-FREND is a fully automatic flight monitoring service that monitors employee's overtime work and enhances the office security at night by drone which patrols the office floor automatically. By monitoring the office remotely using this service, you can enhance the office security and improve the safety.

    5. Country of Manufacturer: Japan
    6. Product Categories:
      High-efficiency Housing Equipment Expo
      • Crime Prevention/Anti-disaster Facility
      Smart Building Expo
      • Building Facility
      • Building Maintenance
      • Building/Real Estate Management System
      • Crime Prevention Facility/System
      • Other Building Facility/System
      Next-generation Urban Development Expo
      • Urban Anti-disaster System
      • Urban Security

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